Fishing 1 Day Trip Rehri Goth

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Fishing 1 Day Trip Rehri Goth (Mangrove Fishing)

Rehri or Rehri Goth is a 300-year-old site, is one of the neighbourhoods of Bin Qasim Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Rehri is located on the Arabian Sea coast and has large a community of fishermen. There are several ethnic groups in Bin Qasim Town including Urdu speakers, Punjabis, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Seraikis, Pakhtuns, Balochs, Memons, Bohras, Ismailis. Over 99% of the population is Muslim. The population of Bin Qasim Town is estimated to be nearly one million.

Rehri Goth

Recommended Gear

  • Water bottle
  • Hand Wash / Soap / Sanitizer
  • Wipes, Tooth Paste
  • All other Necessities
  • Sun Block
  • Sun Glasses

Package Include

  • Standard Meals
  •  Guide
  •  Basic first aid kit
  •  Transport

Activities Included

  • Sightseeing
  • Trekking
  • Fishing

How to Pay

1: Make 50% Payment in advancein bank account
OR Transfer through ATM or Internet/mobile Banking
Or you can pay us cash.

2: Send us payment receipt with participant names & contact numbers on  WHATSAPP Snaps of the Deposit Receiving Slip on this Number  +92-333-2226-163

Rehri Goth

Trip Itinerary

Arrival at Rehri Goth
Departure for Fishing
Fishing at mangrove  water
Arrival at Rehri Goth