Trip to Gondrani Caves City, Balochistan

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One Day Trip to Gondrani Cave City – Bela

“Shehr-e-Roghan”, “The Cave City of Lasbela”, “House of Spirits”, “The Town of Mai Gondrani” and “Puraney Ghar”,Gondrani” a place which is known for such various names is a historic treasure and archaeological site located in near city of Bella in Balochistan.

Gondrani is a mysterious ancient cave, holding undeciphered symbols and historic traces of unknown civilization. These caves have small darkened chamber like rooms, as some of the rooms have a veranda in front and in some of them, you can also find the traces of having the facility of the kitchen.

You can reach these caves by traveling 15 to 18 kilometers north near to the city of Bella in Balochistan, the other way to reach this historic site is through using Karachi-Quetta Highway N-25 which is formerly known as RCD Highway. These caves are approximately around 175 Kilometers far from Karachi, Pakistan.

Trip to Gondrani Caves City, Baluchistan


Hidden Cave City

Fresh Water Stream


Archaeological Site

RCD Highway


Two Way AC Transport


Lunch (Chicken Karhai)

Basic First Aid


Tour Guide

Recommended Gear:

Hiking shoes or joggers

A pair of Sandals or Flip Flops

Extra pair of clothes


Personal medication if you are suffering from any disease

Sunglasses or cap/hat

Sunblock cream

And any other extra thing that you want to bring like snacks, hand sanitizer etc.

Water Bottle (For Traveling)

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Trip to Gondrani Caves City, Baluchistan


Day 1

06:30 am: Gathering time
07:00 am: Departure from Karachi for Cave City
08:30 am: Stop at Winder for Breakfast
11:30 am: Reach Cave City, continue trek to Caves (15-20 mins of descending trek to reach caves and 30-35 mins ascending trek while returning)
Free time to explore Caves & Stream
02:30 pm: Leave Cave City
03:00 pm: Late Lunch & Tea at Bela
04:00 pm: Departure for Karachi
09:00 pm: Reach Karachi